Let's Talk Legacy
Let's Talk Legacy
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What does it mean to build and maintain a legacy, either in business, or for your loved ones? What tools and resources are available to help? Join the discussion as host Gary Michels, along with exciting guests and real listeners just like you, tackle the answers to these questions, and learn how to grow today, for a better tomorrow.

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PodHound (2 months ago)
A fascinating topic for the podcast. Great idea.
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The Southwestern Family of Podcasts (2 months ago)
Legacy is something that we all think about, whether we are at the end of a long and successful career, or a kid daydreaming about what they'll become one day. This podcast features guests ranging from top CEOs and leaders in business, health, education, and more, as well as celebrities, top athletes, web personalities, and others, bringing a diverse range of thought to the conversation. It's something everyone can identify with, and is presented in a fast-paced, engaging way.
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