Skit Your Shorts
Skit Your Shorts
Category: Comedy

Short stories comedy podcast created by a human, read by a robot. And by "human," I mean your local Applebees' dumpster disguised as a human. And by "robot," I'm referring to an AI program contained in a garbage computer, named Plot Bot 9000. While listening Skit Your Shorts, you may laugh, you may cry, or you may drive your car into a burning building. If the latter, ask yourself, "am I a moth? Why else would I drive straight into this shining ball of fire? Who gave a moth a driver's license?" While you're busy contemplating your mortality, someone else should be calling the fire department. I bet the firefighters look just like in those calendars full of beefy hunks welcoming you into each month. Just kidding, they're probably all out of shape. Why else would the building still be on fire long enough for you to drive into it? Beefcakes would have been there in seconds. Firetruck? Forget it, musclefighters run to the scene and flex until the flames cower and dissipate.

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