Steve Yogi Jr.
Steve Yogi Jr.
Category: Comedy

Life is a slapstick dramedy.

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Steve Yogi Jr. (3 weeks ago)
This is me, Steve Yogi Jr. in da house of the chufla. Who am I? Another exceptional nobody. Just a regular fellow full of flaws. I take la chufla seriously. I choose life. I was born in Villachorbo de Zarzaporrillo in a boom-boom boogie boogie cross-turra hurricane, many smiles and tears ago. My show is about the little big things in life. Pure true dramedy! Who is my target audience? Shiny happy-go-lucky buddies like you! Hungry and foolish souls who take the jijiji jajaja seriously. Are you in? Yes? Excellent choice! Welcome aboard! Enjoy! You know what? I have an ultra super mega hyper website. There, you can find all my social media links. Steve Yogi Jr. — Life is a slapstick dramedy. URL |
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