The Wine Pair Podcast
The Wine Pair Podcast
Category: Food

Funny, irreverent, honest, and understandable wine reviews for wines people actually drink. Husband and wife team Joe and Carmela, also known as The Wine Pair, give their opinions on wines - and other subjects - to help you find hidden gems at your local store. The goal of The Wine Pair Podcast is to help you select wines that are easy to find (like in your local grocery store), reasonably priced (we aim to point you to wines with price points below $20), and introduce you to voices in wine industry to help you may good choices. Now, your taste in wine might be different from ours, and that’s ok! In each episode we’ll taste three wines and rate them, and then you’ll be able to tell what you like based on what we like. You might find that wines that we don’t like are wines you do like. Which is totally fine! We also want you to have fun. I mean, wine is supposed to be fun, right? We want to make you laugh, maybe help you to learn some things about wine, and find wines you are going to love. Contact infoEmail: joe@thewinepairpodcast Instagram: @thewinepairpodcast Website:

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