Three Kingdoms Discourse
Three Kingdoms Discourse
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Can also be found on Samsung, Deezer and TuneIn. A podcast on the three kingdoms civil war in Ancient China 184-280 CE. Each episode going through a chapter of the famed novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, talking about the themes of that chapter but also exploring the history of the era the novel is based on. We will also do deep dives into subjects of history, focusing solely on the historical records. Aiming for a transcript for each episode. Artwork by Zhaolie Theme Music: Sao Meo Orchestral Mix - Doug Maxwell & Zac Zinger

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Three Kingdoms Discourse (2 weeks ago)
Disclosure: Co-founder and part of the team that created it I love the three kingdoms (an era seen in total war, Dynasty Warriors, Wolong, Red Cliff), have been studying it for decades (as have many of those who take part), I love both the history of the Sanguozhi and the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Hoping going into the novel, exploring the themes and the actual history, as well as deep dives into history, will be of interest.
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