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DJ Glenn Sweety G Toby PKA Dr. Glenn Toby is a true musical pioneer, conquering and crossing various musical genres. As one of the original rap pioneers in the 70’s he worked alongside such artists ...

Dictator Radio is a radio station based out of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Every Friday at noon catch our new comedy podcast featuring a has been YouTuber who interviews sex workers and rants about the 90's & Gen X stuff that makes him seem a little on the retarded side ...

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The Sir Classic Show is a Vodcast and podcast media platform delivering celebrity topics, entertainment and news.

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Libertines, Lotharios and Complete B******s. True stories of history's most badly behaved men and women.Join bawdy historian Simon Talbot as he uncovers the disreputable lives and fascinating times of ...

How to raise a great kid

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Have you ever wanted to work your way through the ACIM Workbook but found it too tedious? Maybe it was difficult to understand, or you found it hard to stick with every day? Well, don‘t worry! Now ...

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The #1 Rated Business Talk Show is a mix of fun and informative interviews. Hosted by "Mr. Marketology," Jeff Beale and "The RockStar, KC Pride", we sit down with today's industry leaders, politicians ...

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Folklore Is Shared All Around The World, and Everyone Has Their Own Legends That Go Bump In The Night. Listen As I Bring To light Some Spooky Folklore with A Pinch Of Humor.